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Who's Sarita 

Sara Martinez is charismatic, responsable and a lovely girl. Sarita has a bachelor's degree in business administration. Her primary profession is being a proud Bolivian dancer and choreographer who began her artistic career at the age of 7 at the ALL THAT JAZZ dance academy, where today she is a professor. Sarita began to be part of the professional world of dance in 2012 when she joined the professional dance company ALL THAT JAZZ, since then she was part of different musicals produced by PRODEARTES, such as: the first Bolivian musical "El Regreso", several iconic from Broadway such as: "Les Miserables", "Notre Dame de Paris", "The Age of Rock", among others; Recently she was the protagonist of the famous play "WEST SIDE STORY" representing Maria. Throughout her career she also participated in others such as "Resilient Woman", "Euphoria". Sara has won different scholarships to study abroad, has had the opportunity to do several dance and teaching programs at Broadway Dance Center, New York, and was a graduate of their professional program "ProSem" in which she had the privilege of participate in different choreographic pieces by different world-renowned choreographers. She has been a finalist in the international FLAD competition that took place in Latin America in the senior category of Contemporary Jazz.

sara martinez


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Dance videos 

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